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I want to include an FAQs section in my sales letter, but don't want to distract people who are ready to buy but don't have questions.

Is there an easy way I can hide the answers so that they can only be viewed by someone who clicks the question?

Here's an example of what I mean. In this page, you click the question and the answer pops up below.

FAQ Building Perl script. FAQ manager, knowledgebase builder

I'm not very technical, so I would need something pretty easy to work with.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received!
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    If the FAQs are related to the product, I'd suggest weaving them into the salesletter.

    You'll probably find that with a separate FAQ section, the people who need to read it don't, just like the people who come here and post spam threads, or the people who email me asking how to order my ebook (apparently the large "Click here to order" link is too vague).
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      Sounds like what you want can be accomplished using the code this guy did:
      MreDesign.com Demos : Show / Hide FAQ-style with jQuery

      Sorry about not having an easier solution, the best way to make what you're asking for is to use javascript. If you know a bit of basic HTML, you can probably get the above example working. (You'll have to copy/paste some code into your HTML template to make it work, though.)
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      A separate FAQ page would be ideal. Just add a link to your sales page to make it available to other customers who have questions. Add another order link from the FAQ page that they can click on if they are ready to buy the product. That way you are giving them option to go straight to your ordering page without hitting the Back button.

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