With and without www. help?

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Since this is my first post here i guess i should thank the forum for providing valuable info for a good while now, so thanks warriors!

Well anyway my issue is this:

I just got my first "real" website up and running and now when i type in to my browser www.mydomain.com there comes http://www.mydomain.com and when i just type mydomain.com there comes http://mydomain.com .

1. Now ive heard that this could be some sort of a problem, is it?

2. And if it is how do i fix it?

I use cpanel and made this site using RVSitebuilder


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    Hey Sonny,

    Don't know if this will help or not,

    but if you just enter your domain name in the address bar

    without the "http://" or ".com" extension

    and press the "control" key and the "enter" keys simultaneously,

    it will still pull up your site as if you had entered it in manually.

    So if what you are experiencing is the reverse of that,

    then perhaps pressing the Ctrl and enter keys together

    will solve the problem.

    Hope this helps,

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      Hey Sonny,

      Not too much of a problem, unless you're trying to build

      http://mydomain.com and http://www.mydomain.com

      ...are NOT the same website. And the search engines
      won't treat them as such.

      It just so happens that common practice is to point www
      at the same location, but there's nothing to stop you having
      a website about carp-fishing at http://mydomain.com and
      a different website about Nikon cameras at http://www.mydomain.com

      So, when you start building your external links, make sure
      you are consistent with your URL. Don't flip between using the
      www and not.

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    If it is situation like this then contact to the service provider and tell them about this

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