How Can I Spice-Up My PowerPoint Presentations?

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At one time, I heard of a great program called Adobe Ovation that looked really great for adding flare and professionalism to PowerPoint presentations.

(Adobe - Ovation)

But unfortunately, this program is no longer compatible with current versions of PowerPoint... and does not seem to run with Open Office Impress, either.

That said, what can I do these days to spice-up my PowerPoint (or Impress) presentations?
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    Have you considered adding audio tracks to your PowerPoint Presentation? Feel free to PM me for additional information.

    Cyndie King
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      James... In Office 2007 you have a lot of features at your disposal to do this. You can pretty much do anything you want with the text. It won't have that flash-esque presentation that Ovation did, but it won't have a boring look either.

      What version are you working with?

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