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I'm going to be setting up a website using WordPress, and the customer wants some, but not all, areas to be accessible only to approved members. Being 'approved' means simply that certain designated users will have greater access than others - no payment required.

Does anyone have any experience with this that could make a recommendation to me about how to implement?

I've been checking out a plugin called 'Your Members', and am waiting for a response back from their pre-sales support, but maybe there are other options as well.

If you know of any, I'd appreciate the suggestion!

Thank you,

Kat Bartone
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    Can you please specify the admin features that these members should have an access too... In WP, there is a certain feature where master admin can add authors...
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      I'm not completely sure yet (not sure that the customer is, either!) but one level of access desired is to be able to see and download certain files. I imagine this would be implemented in one of two ways - either a download page that is visible only to the approved members, or certain posts that may be visible only to them.

      Does this clarify a bit?
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    I could do it free. Contact me if u still stuck.

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