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We are moving to Colorado next week. Our house has been on the marketing since June, no offers.

I won't go into the details on my house here (really nice house BTW), but I'm not too impressed with our realtor.

I know it's a slow real estate environment, yet I guess I was expecting more assertiveness from him in marketing our house.

So, I've decided to take my internet marketing skills and apply them toward my house. I just registered a domain that is my street address, will put up a WP blog, write and submit articles, use social bookmarking, networking, etc., to help get the word out.

It surely can't hurt and who knows, it just may generate a buyer.
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    What will you write and speak about that will draw large interest, but limit it to people who might want a house in your location?
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      maybe some local attractions, a certain type of feature that the house has...there are some topics that can you can dive in.
      I have some friends that do house flipping if you can call it like that, they buy a house that is somewhat damaged for a low price, they repair it, and then sell alot higher.
      and they advertise using those 2 methods there...they look for an local attraction or a house feature...and then advertise about that offering their house as a "solution"
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    You can definitely generate some good interest by doing what you are doing.

    Even though it may be a bit pricy (I don't know of your financial situation obviously), you may want to look at using some PPC services to generate some highly targeted traffic to your site build up some quality interest fast!

    think of targeting a keyword like "buy a house **YOUR CITY**", or "buy house in **YOUR CITY**.... just a thought for you to think about!

    Good luck!
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      Interesting ... I too have a home I've been thinking about selling with the
      same approach. Mine is a 2nd home and it hasn't made it high enough on
      my STD (shit to do) list as of yet!

      Keep us posted and let us know how it turns out.

      Good Luck,

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