bad idea?

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To make a page like CarbonCopyPRO

then once you have details forward people to the affilate page your promoting. Keep everybody updated with the product hopefully increasing sales

Good idea or bad?
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    I would never give my email address there, nothing is being offered in exchange.
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    I would definitely recommend not leaving it basic by just asking for an email address. Unless you are pre-selling people up front and are leading them to that page to sign up (which isn't a bad idea by the way).

    Write up some report or something that you can offer your subscribers over and above simply sending them to your affiliate promotions.
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    Interesting, as they have a very good sales page, but could work.

    Have you done anything with it to this point?

    Do you have any test results to share with us?

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    That seems different to me but it may work you never know I'm always open minded until things look like they are about to crash and burn.

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