Is it just me or is the WF Extremely ADDICTIVE?

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Hi Warriors,

It just occured to me that I'm spending an increasing amount of time on the Warrior Forum lately. Is it just me, or is this forum extremely addictive?

I haven't been around here in almost 2 years, but I've actually been a warrior member since way back in the old forum days. You veteran warriors will remember that, I'm sure. I liked it then too. Only now it's even better! Especially since Allen updated the forum and added all the new features. Although, I haven't used them all yet it looks like the new forum has lots of powerful new features.

But what is even better than that, is YOU. The Warrior Members! You people are awesome, constantly helping each other out. Bouncing ideas off each other, networking with each other, building products together, etc. This forum is a GOLD MINE! If you spent the time to read everything here (who has that much time?), you would learn more than you ever will buying and reading all the IM eBooks on the market.

The fact that this forum is accessible for FREE is simply amazing. I think Allen should LOCK all the doors and charge an entrance fee (except to us original warriors who paid for access to begin I mean really, fellow warriors, there's literally 10s of 1000s of dollars worth of information here. If you pay attention, you can watch people research a market right here on the forum and then build a product people are asking for based on that research and then SELL that product in a WSO to the people that asked for it and of course everyone else that wants it. Fortunes are being made right before our eyes.

That being said, the only problem I see here is spending TOO MUCH time right here on the forum and NOT ENOUGH time on our own projects. However, as long as we learn as we go and don't waste what we learned our time will be well spent.

Honestly, I could spend over an hour on this one post alone, coming up with reasons why I like this place so much. I've learned so much here and picked the brains of people I never would have met if not for this forum. But instead of writing that hour long post, I'll leave that for my fellow warriors.

How about you? Are you addicted to the Warrior Forum?

Peace & Prosperity,
Matt Fulger
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    This is a free university. People here are willing to help. They know what they talk about.
  • Profile picture of the author Tim Franklin
    Yep there is a Matt that used to write a lot of CGI scripts back in the day, in the 1990s, your telling on hold long you have been around now.

    Actually I still have some of his scripts on a hard drive somewhere.

    The WF is a great place, sometimes I have to force myself to close the window so I can get some programming work done.
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      Wow, this forum is a glue to my life. I need it to function properly. =) LOL

      Anyway, I make an effort to reply about 3 posts each day.

      My wife is already grumbling why I spend more time on forum than to be with her. "oppppsss...I need help :p

  • Profile picture of the author park1st
    Indeed very addictive,
    spend 3-4 hours every day...

    gets lots of helps and ideas i guess..
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      Addicted. I'm not addicted. I could quit anytime. So what if I refresh the main forum every 30 secs and have the WF injected intraveneously into my arm. Doesn't everyone?
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    That's impressive that you've been around for so long all respect. I've just started here and am finding the forum a great place to network with other internet business owners and exchange information.
    • Profile picture of the author Steven Wagenheim
      Oh, I don't know Matt. I don't really spend a lot of time here.
      Okay, that was sarcasm in case anybody missed it.
  • Profile picture of the author wr29
    Yes, I agree 1 Million%.
    Keep share your ideas guys.
    It's mean a lot to a newbie like me.


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    • Profile picture of the author Takuya Hikichi
      I just got back from a long vacation and I am online.

      I don't even know the whole story but have been following this thread

      It's suspenseful you know, watching Bev's detective work and where she leads next. More truths about the accuser maybe will come out etc.

      I know others are following it closely. It's not only me.

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