One Of Google Crome's New Features May Pose A Threat To The Affiliate Industry...

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Amidst all the talk about Google Crome, there is this one feature that caught my eye...and worry.

I'm talking about is the new Incognito feature. Basically when that is turn on, you are put on "privacy" mode.

Every single trace of your Internet session will be automatically erased the moment you leave your browser.

That means all cookies stored in your computer that was supposed to 'track' you will be deleted.

This may affect merchants who have their own affiliate program. And affiliates who may not get their due commissions.

What do you think about this?

Interested to hear your views.

P.S Google is smart. Despite this, Google will not be affected. It still able to track user' behavior through their search engines...AND this new Chrome browser. They will have more data on online users than ever.
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  • Profile picture of the author Steven Wagenheim
    This is really nothing new. If you take a look at your Firefox options, you'll
    see that there is one that allows you also to have cookies deleted as soon
    as you close up your browser.

    So this is really not a big deal. Most casual users won't know where to go
    to even change the setting.
    • Profile picture of the author ripsnorta2
      I don't really think it will be all that big of a deal.

      There's one major reason why Chrome users will turn off this feature.


      Most forums use cookies to keep their readers logged in, and to track what threads have been read.

      Once the browser starts deleting these cookies, forum users will have to keep logging back in everytime they restart their browser. That can get annoying, especially if they actually set their forum preferences to keep them logged in.

      And don't forget, the people who install Chrome are likely to be somewhat browser savvy anyway. They had the knowhow to find, download and install the browser in the first place. They won't have any problem turning this feature off, especially if the forums and websites start warning them that cookies are off and the sites won't work.

      Don't sweat it. In a few months no one will be worried about this feature.
  • Profile picture of the author analyzed
    Also, many current affiliate networks already or will potentially look at tracking by IP instead of just by cookies. This is a great way to cover your butt so to speak for those with their own affiliate program.
    • Profile picture of the author Jag82
      Thanks for the responses guys.

      I like to see how this pan out. Especially not with Google entering the fray in the browser business.

      As for affiliate program tracking by IP...if it is in combination with cookies...then yes. Sounds more solid and dependable. But certainly not just merely by IP alone. Cos it won't be accurate as IP changes all the time.

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