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I need to locate my API key so I can fend off the spam. The WP site says to click on "users" and then "your profile". I do but it doesn't give up the key. I also tried clicking on my name as suggested and got nothing.


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    Go to Your Profile. It's usually located there and is a bunch of random characters.

    Look for a link near the plug-in that also tells you how to find it.
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      I don't see it in my profile. There is a box there that says "askimet is almost ready - You must enter your API key" I click that and it takes me to a link that says "get your API key"

      When I fill in the username and password it says invalid user

      Is there not a way to add a captcha to a Wordpress blog?
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      You can't get the API key from your self hosted blog dashboard. You have to go to wordpress.com and log onto your dashboard there. Then click users in the top right hand corner... and then click your profile. You will see the API key that way.
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      You have to join wordpress first to get your key. A better solution is to use the Capture plugin so people have to enter some characters before they can post.

      This cuts down on robots and saves spam 99% without clogging up your server with heaps of unused comments. All things like akismet do is store them so it does not actually stop them just makes it that you don't see them and deletes after a while.

      Here is an example:http://msiarticle.com/2008/09/50-sea...-plr-articles/

      If you go down to the comments you will see the capture at the bottom.

      Here is the plugin. WordPress › Cryptographp WordPress Plugins

      All the instruction are in the plugins page when you load.

      Simply go to your theme editor and go to comments and go to the bottom where the form finishes and insert a little code (in bold below).

      <?php do_action('comment_form', $post->ID); ?>

      <?php display_cryptographp(); ?>
      <?php endif; // If registration required and not logged in ?>


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