When Does the Profit End

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Logic would suggest that multi level schemes have a natural limit-because you will reach a point of market saturation, and for each level down you are, your profit potential would be lower. How severe is the drop off per level, and how often do these schemes reach the limit?
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    Actually, "logic" would dictate that the idea of saturation is a complete myth.

    For any sort of actual saturation to take place, we would need to stop making humans. The population on our planet is growing. In just plain old fashioned marketing speak, new customers are being born every minute.

    Now, if we somehow stop making more humans, we would eventually run out of people to sell to. And that means virtually every business on the planet (with some notable exceptions) would be faced with the saturation myth becoming a possibility, regardless of whether or not they used network marketing as their distribution model.

    EVERY business has a "natural limit" due to a number of factors including market timing, market penetration, available market share, capitalization, competition, barriers to entry, etc... (just to name a few).

    Put someone on the first level of any legitimate company using the network marketing distribution model and if they sell, they will make money. If they don't sell, they won't make a dime.

    Put someone 30 levels down in any legitimate company using the network marketing distribution model and if they sell, they will make money. If they don't sell, they won't make a dime.

    As for how often any company reaches the limit... I don't know of any company in any industry with any distribution model that has actually reached the limit.

    Most companies are absolutely thrilled if they are able to reach a 10% market penetration. But even that depends on the total market size and a number of other factors.
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      depends on the market , what sort of mlm progarm are you in, if its backed by a strong product then you could be in for a ride but if is the other way around then it could run out really quick
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    I've never really heard of a MLM reaching the limit. Amway/Quixtar has been around forever and there are still people making money with it as far as I know. Like Brian said there are constantly new people arriving. The closest I've ever heard to an MLM reach a limit is the limit of people that will believe in a scam or the a corrupt company hits an income limit and ends up hitting the Feds radar. But for legitimate companies that isn't an issue.
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    They never do. The model is never perfectly filled out. Amway Global has been going since what? 1958 or so with no signs of stopping. Here's what happens:

    People join, do a little , then quit
    People die, new people are born grow up and discover Amway (whatever program)
    There is constant turnover.

    The myth is that all the downline will recruit 3 or 2 or whatever number, in reality it just doesn't work that way.

    One could apply the same reasoning to IM products. You would think that by now, it would be reaching a point where everyone has all the information they need. That might be true if there were a static number of people interested in IM. The millions born every year are just entering the funnel and the millions that die are moving out the other end. It just keeps on going. The circle of life....

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