Can you edit your WSO title?

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Hi - I bumped my WSO's last night and they were back on page 1 today. I wanted to go back and change their title for testing purposes. Followed the editing buttons and put new title in - but it stayed exactly the same as the old one. I am talking about the heading on the first WSO screen not on my actual "salespage" on the forum. Can anyone unlock this mystery for me?
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    Hi John,

    No you cannot change the main title.

    You can however use the advanced editor window and then put in another title or subtitle.

    Please note that it will not change the initial title that shows as the thread topic though. The new headline only shows up above your OP. Even then, people have to open the thread to see it.

    Hope this helps ...

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      It looks like the only way to change the title would be to repost the old WSO as a new one with an alternate title. You'll lose your replies and views though Some forum software is better than others in this department from immediate changes to delayed changes to not at all.
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      Hmmm....I was wondering the same thing too.

      Is there a way around this?

      I was thinking I could start a NEW WSO with a NEW headline and then maybe just LINK it to my "old" one with a different headline.

      Makes getting the headline right the very first time SUPER important. Something that is easier said than done.

      One of the things I always liked about being able to change your headline was that it really gave you a lot of info about what headlines work and which don't. That's valuable info!

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    bump bumpatory bumpology....etc

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