Do you run your own affiliate program?

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Hey guys,

how many of you guys run your own in house
affiliate program?

Or do you have an affiliate program setup?

Now this would mean you have your own
product or products so I'm not talk about
affiliate marketing, I'm looking from the
vendor side of things...

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    Hi David

    I've just finished setting up my new affiliate program at .

    I'm using 1ShoppingCart which allows me to have all the products in one place, and to also pay 50% commission on all backend sales for a year after.

    Previously I'd used a bunch of different systems, but because they were all seperate they didn't 'talk to each other', and so I couldn't pay for backend sales.

    For example, now if someone makes a $10 sale they'll still get the credit if the customer buys one of our $397 packages 10 months later.

    One thing I've learned over the past year is put a lot of effort into choosing the right affiliate management system as changing to new software is a double pain!

    I hope this helps

    Lee McIntyre
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    Ido. I'm a pi and I sell investigative services.
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    Yep - one of the major benefits of having your own products is to allow you to leverage across many partners/affiliates to drive traffic and sales to your business.

    Depending on the product, my affiliates drive between 25% and 60% of my sales.

    For most of my IM products I use 1SC, great system with lots of flexibility - no real bad things to say other than the reporting could be a little better

    For some of my infoproducts in other niches, I've chosen Clickbank mainly because I know there are certain niches where Clickbank affiliates are looking for new products and I pick them up rather easily.

    Finally, my membership sites I run off of a entire front end content management system which also includes an affiliate manager - it's not as good as 1SC or even Clickbank, but still has the basics and does what I need it to do for tracking affiliates sending traffic to my continuity programs.

    I used to manage this all myself - lately I've added an assistant that helps run the reports, make sure people get paid...etc

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      I find not a lot of people are concern about running their
      own affiliate program or pay too much of attention to
      it if they do have one at all.

      It looks like most of the product owners especially the new
      ones just starting out have major issues with find a good
      service to run their affiliate program or whether to run it
      in house at all.

      It seems this part of the IM business is very much over looked
      and not a lot of material on this topic?

      Maybe I'm run here but haven't seen much on creating and running
      an affiliate program.

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    Hey David,

    I agree with you, there really isn't alot of information or choices when it comes to inhouse affiliate programs.

    I am finishing up my membership site soon and we are getting ready to build the inhouse affiliate system for it, we are trying to decide between 1SC and Idev.

    I think we are going to go with iDev only because we want to have full access to the database for more unique and creative ways of offering memberships etc.

    I am lucky to have an ingenious team of developers that are very skilled, so whichever solution I choose they will be able to implement perfectly... they were not easy to find and I will not share them with anyone! At least not until I am done with them, which may be never!

  • Profile picture of the author Steven Carl Kelly
    Yes. I wrote my own affiliate management system.

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