Sales Copy Really Does Mean The difference between Sales and No Sales

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For those of you who take writing your sales copy lightly...
you should re evaluate your position.

I keep seeing people posting that they are having a rough time
making sales with WSO's and online.

You don't have to b superb ....just good enough
to get people to take action.

The other thing is.....even after you have published your
WSO or launched your product ....keep looking over your copy.

Even after you spend hours writing your copy....getting it just right
and feel good enough about it to publicize it...don't stop there.
Unless of course you are getting "mad" sales straight out of the gate.

We hear this a lot in here and I wanted to drive the point deeper.
TAKE TIME and WRITE A Good Sales Letter...and keep tweaking it!

I have written my fair share, spend time tweaking...walk away...come
back and tweak some more...and then launch.

Your headline may be good enough to get people click and get views
but you may not be converting. Spend some time and tweak a little more
until you begin to see more conversions.

A lot of people spend time up front getting it just right...launch and then are let down if the sales are not where they should be.
Your copy, especially with a WSO should always be under your microscope.
WSO's are easy to modify.

So keep that in mind. Just because you do not make sales on say one does not mean you have a bad just means your sales copy may need even more tweaking.

Modifying 4 sentences and deleting 3 increased my conversions and sky rocketed sales. This was after I spent 1/2 a day putting together a copy that I thought was good...

Wishing Everyone Success
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  • Profile picture of the author John Motson
    Excellent post Sean, I couldn't agree with you more!

    • Profile picture of the author Steven Wagenheim
      Sean, I've been trying to drive this point home to people for ages. Not just
      sales copy, but in every form of written communication you do, how you say
      things is CRITICAL. If you can't convey the message across to your prospect
      in a way that is going to ultimately make him buy, you're sunk.

      That's why if you look at my top 25 most important things for your business,
      you'll find that I have communication at number 6

      My top 5?

      From 5 to 1

      Customer Service

      And trust me, the top 6 are so close together, it was almost impossible
      to separate them.

      Great post by the way.

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