Joomla Minisite templates - Site's finished! what do you think?

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Hi all,
I've just completed my Joomla Ministe Template membership site -

Let me know what you think, the link to my site is in the signature below.

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  • Profile picture of the author Chris Lockwood
    Your site looks nice. Is there much demand for Joomla minisites? I don't think I've ever heard those 2 words together before. I know there are several sources for Joomla templates.
    • Profile picture of the author dar
      Looks good. Just wondering, did you use amember, virtuemart, or something else altogether for the cart?
  • Profile picture of the author David McGimpsey
    You've done a really good job. They look excellent.
  • Profile picture of the author edwardboey
    looks good. Really good job on it.
    • Profile picture of the author Talltom1

      I think you could be onto something with these templates. We constantly read here about new gimmicks and marketing techniques to try. Well you've got a $37 solution, buy the domain, insert the template and content, add water, bake 20 minutes, and presto, an IM'r has a new income stream.

      One quick idea and suggestion, I'd expand on the template concept. You've brought to the point where technically and aesthetically, they get a good looking mini-site and template. But what if you expanded further on the template idea. For example, if you built out the template to the extent that they had 'markers' such as insert testimonial here, place order button there, discuss the clients problem here and your solution in this spot. I think this would add significant value especially to newbies.



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