WSO: paid but can't what?

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Hello all,

I just paid to post a WSO, but when I clicked "return to Clifton A Says" I was taken back to the main page of the forum, not the WSO section.

I went into the WSO section and clicked post a thread, but it just took me to the page where you pay again. do I post?


Thanks for the help.
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    Go to the WSO area, and click on new thread, and you will find that you can now post it.
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    Sometimes, there is a small delay.

    Try it again in 5 minutes or so and it will probably work fine.
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    Give it some time. Sometimes it takes a few minutes before PayPal sends
    the IPN. If they don't, after say 30 minutes or so, PM Allen and let him know.

    That's what the problem is.
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      Thanks everyone.

      I'll give it some more time then. I just checked again and still can't post but considering PayPal is having such problems today, that may be slowing things down. (I did receive my receipt from PayPal, though.)

      Patience, patience... :-)

      Thanks again,

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