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I'm new to the world of autoresponders and list building and need a little help from those with more experience than me.

I'm using GetResponse and a couple of my messages are getting scores of 2.1 - 2.5 according to Spam Assassin.

It says my message may get flagged as spam but when I run tests they come through ok.

So is this a bad enough score to rewrite the messages in question? Just curious as to what everyone has experienced from real world experience.

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    Are you using html or too many links?

    Usually if the spam score is above 2 it's because your link to word density is too high.

    I try to bring that down before I send any newsletter out - just to be on the safe side.

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      Actually, I just read the message again from Spam Assassin and it says:

      "Your mail will be probably NOT recognized as SPAM. "

      I just misread what it said but I am still curious to know what others experiences are.


      I am using both html and text. I don't think their are too many links but I will play around with that and see.

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