Just Installed Wordpress On My Server For The First Time!

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Hi Guys,

Feeling fairly chuffed as I have just installed Wordpress on my server for the first time!

I know it is not a big thing for most of you, and after I bit the bullet and got stuck in it was fairly easy don't know why i was so scared before!

Had visions of my homepage disappearing! lol

Just been looking at the range of themes and add-ons you can get for Wordpress and there are loads of cool ones.

Anyone give me any advice on the best ones to help search engine listings or anything else you think I should install.

Thanks in advance,

All the best

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    Well I think the scary part of installing wordpress is the database part.
    With Fantastico, you don't need to be scared at all!
    Fantastic. oh!
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    Great job, it's nt easy I know. There are so many themes out there, I quite like the adsense ready ones and the revenue sharing themes, that allow you to share your revenue with other adsense publishers, for those that contribute by writing posts for your site.

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