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I'm in the process of building a couple of websites selling specialized products on an Associate member I would be selling products there using pictures with updated reviews for each product??

As soon as the site is done my hope is it will be approved and they will allow me to use the picture for the products.

Thoughts by other Warriors appreciated

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    According to Amazon Associates TOS, you can use the photos from Amazon to promote products, as long as you are promoting them ON AMAZON. In other words, you could not use an iPad image from Amazon and link to the same item on the Apple store, for example. Linking to the Amazon page selling that item using your associate code is fine.
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    Excellent John, just the answer I was hoping for! yes they will be promoted on Amazon so all will be good.

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    Seems your question has already been answered
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    Don't waste your time with Amazon Afffiliates.
    It's B.S.
    They want you to work your A$$ for 4% commission (I know it goes up), but it's a joke.
    Oh, and they told me I was not accepted AFTER I had someone do a real purchase through my website and no commission. (I only lost $10 making the website), but of course, it did not have enough content to their liking.

    Yet, I sent them customers that had over 1700 clicks.

    The whole idea of a company paying low commission is because they have the name which makes it that much easier to sell.

    Amazon wants people to work hard and get the low commission.

    No thanks.

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    @DomainScience..I'm aware of Amazon's low Affiliate payments, but really what choice do I have as my sites would be selling physical products on commission as a Affiliate..
    Also my thinking is with enough sales with the niches I have mind! the overall sales will hopefully make up for the low 4%-8% commission rate.

    Ebay may well pay more to their Affiliates, so could take that route as well.

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    Plenty of people (myself included) make money from Amazon on a regular basis. If you focus on adding value to the front end of the sales process Amazon will do the rest as their site is geared up to convert and upsell.
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    I definitely agree, if you can get people to Amazon, they have the best sales presentation for any product.
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