REMOVE Your IM Niche Product From The Clickbank Marketplace!

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Hello Warriors!

Most people in the IM niche know that someone can grab a CB hoplink for any given product and replace their own CB ID in it to get the commission themselves (AKA Commission Theft). This might be good for your overall sales, but it is really hurting your affiliates!

Since I want the best for my affiliates of course, it is better to provide a closed doors affiliate program for customers only (and JV partners) where the hoplink and publisher name cannot be found anywhere.

Here's how to do it.

1. Install a link cloaking script in your website (I use Sam Stephen's HopGuard) that will encrypt your affiliate's ID with a URL to your site.

2. Send an e-mail to so they remove your product from the CB marketplace listings, that way, people can't generate their own hoplink.

This means that a regular "hoplink" cannot be generated and your publisher ID cannot be found, so affiliate links are truly cloaked and commission theft is close to impossible.

There is always people that know code and such inside out so they will be able to figure the hoplink out, but there are not many and at least you are minimizing the chances of commission theft the most you can.

WARNING! Again, this might hurt your overall sales, but you will be helping your affiliates squeeze the most profit out of your product and frankly, I prefer to have great affiliates than to make an extra sale or two.

Best of luck,

Daniel Molano

P.S: I haven't tested this with other affiliate programs outside of Clickbank, but I am sure it can also be done.
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    Great, more tips for reducing sales! Keep them coming.

    As a side benefit, this will save you lots of customer support time, since fewer sales means fewer problems.
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      Originally Posted by Chris Lockwood View Post

      Great, more tips for reducing sales! Keep them coming.

      As a side benefit, this will save you lots of customer support time, since fewer sales means fewer problems.
      Whatever, but I prefer to place ethics before profits.

      And if my affiliates are not getting what they deserve for promoting my product, I must be doing something wrong.
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      As an affiliate, yes there are certain kinds of promotions one should stay away from on CB.

      Especially ones that direct to outside payment pages, and those with numerous overt links drawing away commissions.

      Many publishers could care less about affiliates loosing sales, the goal is to have as many clueless rookie affiliates driving traffic to their page as possible.

      However there are many honest marketers running simultaneous affiliate programs in addition to CB.

      I don't think CB is going anywhere, but by all means do start your own program.

      It is good to see honest marketers that care about affiliates.

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    What I have done to track my affiliate sales and to make sure that the click bank, advertiser is honest with me, is I Always offer my own bonus to the person purchasing and have them e-mail me their receipt number.

    If I am not paid on the sale through its normal process. I will e-mail the click bank, advertiser and send him a copy of the customer's e-mail to me. If the click bank, advertiser will not pay me, once I e-mail him. Then I will do my best to let everyone know that they should not do business with that company.

    I will also e-mail Click Bank and complain about this publisher.Hope that helps as well is what was offered earlier

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    This seems a little counter intuitive to me.

    I love to snowboard, and sometimes people bust their knees snowboarding, but I will still give snowboarding a good effort and wait and see if my knees give out.

    Wait for something to be a larger issue before you shoot yourself in the foot. The marketplace serves as a great way for you to gt affiliates to sell your product, thats the whole point of clickbank.

    If you are going to remove yourself, why not simply use another processor where the fees are lower.

    Just my 2 cents

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