Infrastructure Question about SELLING solo ads

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Hi -

I figure it's time for me to start utilizing my list of 78K+ forum subscribers in the diet/health/welness niche through selling solo ads.

I'm looking for input from you more experienced warriors, specifically as to my question below, but also if you see any glaring errors or omissions in my steps below:

Prep work:

1. Take my 78k list and send it to a list clean-up service to make sure I get rid of bad emails etc so I don't end up with a ton of bounces.

2. Sign up with a bulk emailer


I've purchases some solo ads in the past, and I was always sent screen shots of the delivery, over delivery, clicks etc. It wasn't just screen shots from the mailer software. It looked like the solo sellers used some special software to manage the individual orders, schedule the mailing etc. Do you know of any systems to manage solo ads in particular?

Thanks for any insight!
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    Hi -

    I see nobody has responded yet - however, I've continued to do research and I'm able to refine my question a little further in case it helps.

    Solo ad sellers will guarantee a certain number of clicks. What software do they use to manage this, because you have to keep sending emails to your list, until the number of clicks have been reached? You don't want to blast your entire list surely, only as many as needed to reach the clicks.

    Any ideas?

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      Originally Posted by cdutoit View Post

      Solo ad sellers will guarantee a certain number of clicks. What software do they use to manage this, because you have to keep sending emails to your list, until the number of clicks have been reached?
      They aren't selling email clicks. They are buying a specific amount of junk PPC traffic for less than you are paying them for access to their "high quality list." The solo ad industry as it is discussed in these circles is basically a sham.

      If you want to sell legitimate solo ads you don't have to worry about providing traffic guarantees. There are no guarantees in advertising. The buyer writes the subject line (unless you've got a standard subject for solos), body and includes any images they want. I would probably run their links through your own redirect so that you can shut it off if they go rogue and change the offer to something other than what you approved (or worse). But if they are trustworthy you can just put their hard link in the email.
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        There are several software products out there that can do what you need. Myclickboss is a good one (also has a lite version) and quality click control is good too but a bit costly. The lite version of Myclickboss should be enough to get you started and is quite cheap too.
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