Is there a spider monitor / indexing checker software?

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Looking for something that will monitor spidering and will let me know when a certain page is indexed.

Willing to pay for a programmer if necessary. This will really help me!

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    I found this awhile ago, might be just what you are looking for, and Open Source too.

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    Check out Andy Black,i think hes a warrior.
    I just bought his index checker,does just what you said and now he has a new link checker that just came out this week.
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      Whilst it doesn't do exactly what you said, you can load up a list of url's into Andy Black's Index Checker and it'll go through and tell you which ones are indexed.

      It's only $7, I think.
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    Yes,its still only $7.00,i bought it 2 weeks ago.
    He has a new one out also,its called a link checker,i think theres a WSO going on right now,or it closed down friday night.[last night].
    I think its $17.00 now.

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