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Semi-Hypothetical question here.

Suppose there was a company that could:

-Print one or thousand's of CD's or DVD's(including software)
-These CD/DVD's include case, inserts and wraps
-These, if printed individually would be on a per-order basis
-They, if printed on a per order basis would ship them for you and email your customer the tracking ID
-They, if needed would warehouse your product
-They could also print and bind ebooks(pdf's)
-They could print seminar folders
-They could print business cards

All of this at the same price or cheaper than cdprintexpress or kunaki...would you be interested?

And yes, exceptional professional quality.

Reason I ask, is that I just left a company that can do all this. They are local(2 towns over) and specialze in cd/dvd duplication and fulfillment as well as all forms of digital printing.

Their prices are to kill for and I was there to have some brochures done and their work is top notch. They must have 3 million in equipment in there, and all top of the line at that. I saw their dvd/cd replication equipment and printing equipment in action.

I am considering using my super duper IM skills to my advantage and finding a way to leverage their expertise and my contacts to benefit both them and myself. They are not new, and are doing well, but who couldn't use more business right?

I may never do anything with this, but I figured I would toss it out and get some opinions.

Or better yet, if you had this company at your a marketer, what would you do?

Feel free to tell me to shut the hell up and get back to work, I think too much. I just see a qualty servie at an affordable price not reaching a market that could use a healthy alternative. Probably nothing...

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    Originally Posted by Keith Boisvert View Post

    They are not new, and are doing well, but who couldn't use more business right?
    You'd may be surprised, some folk like it just the way it is!! But notwithstanding this assumption, I guess you could offer yourself as a consultant, and after doing some homework, could suggest that you could show them how to tap into a market they're not currently in.

    For this, I would suggest only asking for a percentage of their increased profits. That way it's minimising their risk, building trust and, if you've done your job right, could make you a lot more than if you'd charged them a fixed fee.

    It would 'seem' to have a healthy demand - just requires some more research.


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      Mind giving us a pricing structure so we can do some market research? I think market is there, the concern here is price and quality.
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    Hi Keith,

    If their quality is that good and their prices are that low I'd go in there and see if you can pull 10% out of the deal by getting them massive business.

    But their prices better be Kunaki competitive or else you might not get too many sales.

    Good luck!
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      Thanks for the ideas.

      The quality is not an issue. They do fulillment for some well known software companies.(can't disclose)

      Yeah, the prices are just as good as kunaki. I can't speak for kunaki's quality as I have nothing of theirs to go on.

      Again, this is more of a hypothetical. The most I may do is refer people for a % of the sale. Obviously I would have to do more research other than the preliminary costing comparisons.

      Regardless, one of my points here(roundabout) is that regardless of whether this is a good idea or it just plain sucks, the opportunity presented itself to me...but I was able to recognize it. How many times have things just whizzed by me and I could have missed out on something? Being able to recognize opportunity and act on it is something that I think is overlooked.

      Again, this may be nothing. But what if it turns(ed) out to be something very lucrative? Who knows what opportunity lurks around each corner?

      Just for a second imagine that this works(ed) out? Even at a % of sales for driving traffic and exposing them to a market they are not currently active in (IM) could be lucrative for not too much work. Setting up a website and driving traffic is something you would do for your own product or affiliate product. Same thing.

      Anyway, this is just food for thought, and a reminder to keep both eyes and you mind open for possibilites that are not always obvious to others, you never know...


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