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Hi Warriors

I won 50,000 visitors from Traffic Giant on eBay. They told me I would get 50,000 visitors in 30 days. Great! But this is what is going on for the last 15 days. Traffic Giant has provided a stat counter that says they have given me 27,000 visitors. I have one stat counter that says I received 7 visitors. I have another star counter that has recorded 187 in the last 30 days. Traffic Giant told me that with multiple counters there would be a conflict. Is this true? Nothing has changed. They offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Have I been duped?

Has anybody had any luck with or any information on Traffic Giant.

I need traffic to my web site, but can't fine the handle. I have a low budget.

Thanks for your help
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    Check your cpanel stats...they should be the most accurate.

    You can load the web server's log file into any one of a bunch of free programs (just Google it) to get pretty much spot on numbers. (I think)

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      stat counters do not interfere with each other unless they are using the same commands in the programming

      your cpanel will be very accurate in how many people have come in

      I my early days I bought a bunch of links like this

      similar scenario when I compared my cpanel with what they showed me no comparison including almost all of the hits were coming from the same place

      They had a bot coming in and hitting my site, they will deny it for ever need to move on, but if they are offering a 100% gaurantee challenge them for it.

      Good luck


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