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For those that sell on Ebay, how long do you run your listings? I have been doing the 3 day auctions but think I should go with at least 5.
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    For volatile items such as 10 or 10 silver ounce bars that I sell I post as one day auctions. Can't risk the value of it shifting a lot so putting it for more days can mean the value of such goes down or goes up. Best play it safe and post it on a day that it's value is good to high and do a one day auction.

    For other items like uhmm playstations, wii's, xbox360, stuff that does not depend on the stock market, I post 7 day auctions. You get more exposure, more people subscribed to the watch list and thus more potential buyers. I post them on Sunday evening to end on Saturday. I get the best results doing that. I sometimes do 10 day auctions, if it's a high ticket price ($1,000+) so I get as many eyes on it as possible.

    There's also marketing that I do for my auctions but that's my secret method!

    What kind of stuff are you selling? Is there a reason why you can't list for 7 days? It cost the same amount of money to list for 1, 3, 5 or 7 days. Only 10 day listings cost more.
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      I have been selling on ebay for many years.
      The three day auction works best for me.
      I sell old comic books,I get many repeat customers
      that keep buying from me.
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    I have been selling on eBay for years, mostly vintage collectibles from the 1950's. I use to always do 7 days, but most recently switched to 5 days,mostly because I needed the cash faster. But I found, as the others, that by day 5 most people looking have looked and are ready to bid. I make sure I post at the top of my listing that it is a 5 day auction so no one misses bidding.
    Timing, including time of year, has an impact of length of auction, too, I believe. Summer and holidays need longer auction times as people are busy with other things and don't hop on the computer as often.
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    I have been a powerseller for over a year and a half and I used to do 10 day auctions because I sold digital items with Buy it Now and listed in multiple quantity, so the more exposure for the price is what I chose.

    Since the change of no more digital items I have adjusted several things and now I go with 7 day auctions and try to end them on Sunday night as well.

    It is interesting that since the change to physical items I list fewer auctions so my fees are less, but since I increased my price I sell more. So overall I am coming out ahead of what it used to be.

    There are a lot of variables, but 7 days on Sundays seems to work best for me.
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    Originally Posted by MommyEnterprises View Post

    For those that sell on Ebay, how long do you run your listings? I have been doing the 3 day auctions but think I should go with at least 5.
    Confused yet? Make sure to just test what works best for your product and your market. Some people will lose interest and jump on another product if yours is up too long, while sometimes the longer auctions will attract more of the right bidders.

    Test, test and then test again. As you can see everyone has their own experiences.

    Don't get discouraged. It shouldn't take long at all before you see a pattern that works for you.


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