im searching for an alternative to

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adwords.. hepl me gyus.
thanks in advance

P.S. not more expencive
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    is that means all of you here are glad only from adwords?
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      there is many ppc click places one right off the top of the head is yahoo use to be overture and something else before that as it has evolved

      if you google ppc alternative you may find what you are looking for the best answer is to test

      seems like to this day adwords still wins out as being profitable

      a few years ago these alternative sprung up all over the place since I am not heavy into this I don't know exactly what is happening in this alternative market

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    I have used both Yahoo's Search Marketing and Microsoft's AdCenter with great success, maybe you should try those. They are usually a little cheaper than Adwords and the traffic is in lower numbers but in my experience the quality is just as good.

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