Yerba Mate?

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Allen talked about Yerba Mate tea on the other board, today someone mentioned it here in a thread about energy.

I was hoping to start this separate post to get some opinions from forum users who drink Yerba Mate. What are your thoughts? How do you drink it? Are some types of teas better than others? etc.

I would love to hear more about it from real users.

Allen called it 'coffee on steroids' I think, but I was reading about it and learned that it's stimulant effects are 'slightly' less than coffee.

Any knowledge offered here would be terrific.

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    I love the stuff, for me I dont get the jittery effects like coffee, it has a stronger more earthy taste then grean tea.

    I use the loose leaf variety and use a tea basket, not a tea ball, to brew it.

    I am especially fond of adding some honey for sweetness and vanilla soy milk to it.

    You also don't get the big crash like you would coffee and energy drinks.
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    It is pretty good stuff. It's different than caffeine, in the sense that you don't get that quick "up," but then you also don't get the following big crash either.

    It is common in tea. Teavana has a good Mate that would be a smooth transition for coffee drinkers. Steaz Energy has a good drink for the Monster/Red Bull addicts that would like a "cleaner" switch.

    Bottom line? The energy is more smooth and sustaining and less jolt. Sadly, most people go for the jolt though.
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    Yeah I drink the stuff and the taste isn't all that but the health benefits are supposed to be good.

    I have a family friend who is from Argentina and I got literally 3 pounds of the stuff and all loose leaves so I need to brew it the old school way.

    Good stuff. If you live near a Trader Joes they have the Guayaki brand from Paraguay.
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      I've had it hot and I've had it cold (with no calorie sweetener). I wish I liked tea better, because Yerba Mate is super stuff. I just can't take the taste of it. I have three full boxes of Yerba Mate tea bags right now; I wish it was something I wanted to drink.

      Allen was right; it does taste like mowed grass. That's a great description for it.
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    This an old thread... but why not to answer this question.

    Taste is good, is different.
    I like to enjoy Yerba Mate from time to time.

    It has some little secrets that changes the taste 100%: Do not put very hot water on the Yerba Mate's cup (~90ยบ Celsius max). Use yerba elaborated with "palo". Always try to find premium editions.

    For me, the "effect" is similar to very strong coffee or tea.

    The taste and the amount of caffeine varies from one brand to another. You should try several well known brands. The above list is interesting and varied.

    PS: Try the combination of "flavoured" Yerba Mate (orange, apple, mint...).
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    Yerba Mate-- Ilex paraguariensis, is known as the "South American Holy Tree" it's leaves, stems and flowers are well known for their herbal properties. It's indiginious region is Argentina, Southern Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile and has been used for thousands of years as a stimulant to assist with stress, fatigue, neuralgia, to help tolerate excessive environmental heat, and mental focus. This herb does not contain hallucinogenic phytocompounds.

    In it's current indigenous use, it is mixed in a hollow gourd, which adds a sweet taste to the tea. Milk, ice cream, natural flavorings ( cacoa, vanilla ) can be added to the tea. It is generally ground into a powder and added to hot liquid, cooked for a brief period of time, then drank.

    It's phytochemistry: Prominent secondary metabolites are xanthines (mainly caffeine), flavonoid glycosides (rutin), and caffeoylquinic acid derivatives (chlorogenic acids). Among other valuable phytonutrients, yerba mate contains practically all of the vitamins necessary to sustain life, including vitamins A, E, B-complex, and C. In addition, it contains 15 different amino acids and significant amounts of magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, manganese, phosphates, zinc, niacin, sulfur, chlorophyll, choline and inositol.

    Other indiginous uses: Legend has it that yerba mate was a household remedy for the Guarani Indians, who used it to boost immunity, detoxify the blood, tone the nervous system, combat fatigue and stress, stimulate the mind, and reduce the effects of debilitating illnesses.

    Yerba Mate Information
    Wiley InterScience :: Session Cookies
    Erowid Yerba Mate Vault : Does Yerba Mate contain caffeine or mateine?

    Dorothy Carlson
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    What has become of this forum?

    Someone please show me a Yerba Mate affiliate link so I know I'm on the right board lol.

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      Originally Posted by Louis Raven View Post

      What has become of this forum?

      Someone please show me a Yerba Mate affiliate link so I know I'm on the right board lol.

      LOL :p Don't ever post about an herb around an herbalist studying TOM! Very dangerous!

      ( Too bad they don't still have an evil grin! )

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    I drink a lot of loose tea, seen this stuff pop up a lot but never tried it. You've inspired me. I'd like to try a sample first, is getting 2 oz for like $4 on eBay a bad idea?
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    Wow I am just shocked to see an herbal question in a webmaster forum. This is cool, I am an Native American herbalist besides being an SEO.
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    I'm from Argentina and I'm stunned to know that yerba mate is so popular (judging by the number of forum users who have tried it)! I don't drink it myself, but it is said to have caffeine-like effects in alertness and may even cause sleeplessness.

    Who would've thought that yerba mate is so passionately discussed about in an Internet Marketing forum!
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    There is A LOT of natural caffeine in the tea, I personally don't like the taste that much but it isn't the worst stuff I have ever tasted. It is drinkable and the effects are more potent than a cup of a coffee, depending how strong you make it. How many bags you use in relation to the water or liquid of choice quantity.

    I found it at GNC, isn't at the grocery store though another option to Yerba Mate is White Tea. That stuff has a punch to it and has more caffene than Yerba Mate... I wouldn't advise mixing the two but if you do... be productive with the high.

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      thanks for all the info thus far... i wanna try the stuff out but not spend like $10 on a sample... where would be a good place to get a cheap sample? seems like a lot of places would tend to overcharge for something like this, but i don't wanna order some stale tea from ebay thats like 4 years old and has toenails in it.

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