Do You Need A Business License To Sell Ebooks?

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I am ALMOST done w/ my 1st site and wanted to know at what point I need to go down and get a business license and do all the proper tax stuff...

I heard anything over $600 in profits in 1 year required a business license, but under that I dont need one. What do you guys do here?

But of course you still need to "claim" EVERYTHING you own w/ the tax man as income I believe.

Thanks guys!! Sheila
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    This sounds a crazy system. Do you mean to tell me that anybody who has a garage sale and is likely to make $600 in profit needs to have a licence?

    I have spoken to many sole traders in America and none of them have mentioned this rule to me - indeed many of them are not even incorporated since they can see the advantages in their position
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    Technically, if you use an assumed name that does not include your surname, you are supposed to at the very least register a dba or "doing business as" name.

    The $600 you are referring to is likely the amount at which someone is required to send a 1099 to you and the IRS if you have performed work or services for them. A 1099 could be sent out for any amount, but most of the time they are only sent out for income above $600. If you are selling ebooks, there is no 1099 of course... However, any and all income you make online or offline, even $1, is required to be reported to the IRS as income whether you receive a 1099 or not. Failure to do so can lead to audit, penalties, interest, etc.
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    You'll need to check state and local laws. But, it's likely you do because the government does demand their pound of flesh, especially from small business owners.
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    The $600 figure refers to federal income taxes, not licensing requirements. Your license requirements will depend on the regulations in your locality.

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