Does Traffic Secrets 2.0 Offer Anything That WF Doesn't?

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Hey Warriors,

Can any Warriors here with Traffic Secrets 2.0 kindly indicate whether that package offers anything NOT covered here in the Warrior Forum including the War Room and WSOs?

Many thanks in advance for your perspectives.

P.S. Jack Duncan rocks.
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    A good friend of mine got TS 2. While I didn't see it personally, his evaluation
    of it was like this.

    If you're new to this, TS2 covers pretty much everything you'll need to get
    traffic to your site.

    If however, you've been doing this a while, you're not going to learn anything
    really new or earth shattering.

    So having said that, if you're just starting out and you want it all in one
    place and don't want to go hunting for it, TS2 is probably a good product to

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