Competing in a Crowded Niche

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I'm working on a weight loss and fitness product (with my Mom, oddly) and I'm looking down the road at actually marketing the thing. I know this particular area has both a lot of people buying and a lot of people trying to sell.

So how would you guys handle trying to get into a crowded field?

My first instinct is to find a small little niche within it and then muscle my way up, but I'm curious to what you smarter and more experienced folks would recommend.
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    Only 3 things I can think of:

    1. Don't try to market in such a ridiculously difficult niche to begin with.

    2. As you said find a tiny, hungry underserviced sub-niche you can gain easy and economical access to and specifically target that niche with your product.

    This could open the door to joint ventures which leads to:

    3. Find someone who already has a substantial list of buyers who's willing to work with you and customize and ebook/digital product etc specifically for their list.

    In a highly competitive niche it is usually easiest to do some kind of combination of numbers 2 and 3.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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    As long as you have a quality product that stands out from the crowd and you make sure your website and graphics are the dogs B******s then all is left is the marketing of said product. You can compete in any niche no matter how crowded you just have to make sure that you do things better than the competition that's all and given some of the poorly put together websites, sales copy and graphics on some sites that shouldn't be hard to do.

    Believe me it isn't as hard as some would have you believe.

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