If You Can Surf - You Can Make a Fortune Online...

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And no, I don't mean "surfing the net".

I mean actually surfing. Waves. With a board. That kind of surfing.


Because experienced surfers know that "catching waves" is an oxymoron.

In reality, surfing is all about understanding how a wave works, and then working WITH it. In other words, you let the wave "catch" you.

Experienced surfers know how to recognize rideable waves - and the take-off spots (where they need to be) for that wave.

Then they simply go there, and wait for a wave. Usually, they'll be joining a lineup of other surfers with the same idea.

In other words, in most cases, rideable waves and the proper take-off spots are easily identifiable because others are already there riding it.

BEGINNING surfers are just the opposite.

Beginners see waves all the way up and down the beach.

And in their eyes, a wave is a wave. Surely, they can ride it if it looks like a wave.

So they paddle out pretty much anywhere - assuming it's a beach where they can get out past the breakers with relative ease - and when they see that a wave is heading in their direction, they'll turn towards shore, paddle like crazy and hope for the best.

99% of the time, they'll either "miss" the wave (they paddled too early), or they get smashed around in the white-wash because they paddled in far too late.

If, by some odd chance they actually catch an open-faced wave before it crests, then usually they'll simply get smashed again as it closes out on top of them. They weren't properly placed (or aligned) to ride down the face of the wave as it was breaking.

Most likely because it wasn't a rideable wave to begin with...

The process repeats itself until the beginner gets tired out or frustrated. "It's impossible!", he thinks to himself.

At the end of the day, he'll likely return the board to the rental shop and complain that the board didn't work, or that the waves sucked.

The simple reality behind the failure, though, is that the waves are always there, and only some of them are rideable. The ones that are, can't be "caught" on your terms.

It doesn't matter what you THINK should work, or how you THINK it should happen.

The only thing that matters is learning how to figure out where you need to be, getting there, and then paddling into the right spot and letting the wave do it's thing.

When you can master that - letting the wave catch you - then you can literally have thousands of gallons of water propelling you forward, and all you have to do at that point is hang on and steer.


Failure may not simply be the result of laziness - and likewise, "hard work" does NOT guarantee success.

What DOES guarantee success, is doing things that naturally lead to success.

"Riding the nature of the internet", so to speak, rather than trying to catch it on your own terms.

And the beauty of it is that, just like surfing, what works is obvious. It's right in front of you. If you see others succeeding with a product, a site or a market in general, then just copy their "take-off position" (what they're doing) and get in on the action.

You'll eventually find that online success is really quite basic.

Markets are like waves. How they behave is up to them, and there's no way to "make" your market like you, buy your stuff or otherwise make you money.

Instead, you simply find out how - and where - others are "riding" your market, and join in.

Sell what they sell, do what they do, pitch how they pitch and you'll get what they get.

If you understand this basic principle, then everything will become easier for you.

So instead of trying to make money from your market, re-position your efforts and copy other people's successes so that you can simply ride your market's natural, unstoppable inertia.

It's not necessarily about "working harder" or "writing more articles".

It's about DECIDING to figure out, and then do the things that work best, rather than just paddling around recklessly without any sort of direction.

So if you can surf - then you already know the scoop.

Just apply it to IM, and you'll have your fair share of epic rides.


Here's a summary of how surfing relates to success in IM:

1. Find a Good Surf Spot:

When you start out, locate the skilled "surfers" who catch one good wave after the next. There's going to be a cluster of them in the water, so they'll be easy to spot.

Simply paddle out and join them.

Online, the "beach" from which you can spot working waves includes things like the ClickBank Marketplace, CJ.com, ShareaSale.com, ABestWeb.com, and even on the site selling networks where people sell sites and display their revenues, etc.

Look for markets where the sales come easy when you're starting out. You can even ask around on affiliate forums, and even on the WF.

2. Determine the Take-Off Spot:

Once you've located a wave, you need to find out how to let IT catch YOU.

This is where you do your Google research to find out who your future competitors are - what kind of content they produce, and what they focus on promoting.

This will tell you, in general, what's selling in the market.

This will also tell you how they're getting traffic. You can easily determine how someone obtains organic traffic simply by looking at their title-tags (keyword targets), on-site links and backlinks (use Yahoo's Site Explorer).

Basically, just build a site like theirs, target the same keywords and contact the same sites that your competitors already have links from.

Or, if they're using adwords or other advertising methods, take that into account as well.

3. Let the Wave Do The Work:

Now that you know what to do and where to "be", all you need to do is let the wave catch you and do its thing.

This is an important part of success - realizing how to harness existing inertia to your advantage.

I see a lot of people focusing on brainless strategies that, though they do "work" - the payoff is very little, and most often, you're just building someone else's "ride".

In other words, most affiliates are part of the "wave" that a successful marketer is riding.

Understand that switching roles really isn't that hard.

It's just a decision - that's it.

Simply do what the successful marketers are doing.

And in most cases - they're producing products, creating effective sales processes, building lists, recruiting affiliates, and building an actual business with the help of the existing inertia in their market.

They're not "trying to make money".

They're riding their market.

You can do the same thing.

Hope this helps someone to see things from a different perspective...

Take care,

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  • Profile picture of the author Andrew Dillon
    Great post and thank god I can surf via Internet Marketing because it is the only surfing I will ever do.
  • Profile picture of the author Ben Brentlinger
    great post Chris, that is so true, If you don't find the right product for the right niche, the money you can make on the internet will be limited to what you are paid by paid to click programs, which the payouts are so meager that you might as well use the money that they're giving you to advertise a squeeze page or affiliate link if your going to use a paid to click program, and even than you still have to know which products are going to convert well, which is why you should reserve most of your advertising for your squeeze page than send emails to your list promoting the products that you otherwise would have sent the traffic from the paid to click program (I prefer doing this with safelists because most safelist members are also advertisers who aren't yet successful with their online business since I am building my list with a free brainstorming session which will only attract those who are serious about their online business and not just freebie seekers who want free information, yet don't do anything with it).

    This helps a great deal to filter out the freebie seekers because those who are serious about their online business are also likely to be willing to invest in their education. In fact, if someone who's serious about their internet business is looking for education on a cirtian aspect of their internet business and you promote a product that covers the information that they're looking for, they will buy it, even if it's through your affiliate link, however, a freebie seeker won't buy anything (if they need information on a cirtian topic and you send them a promotion for a product, they'll either figure out how to get it for free or they'll look for a free knock-off of that product because they are not serious enough about their online business to invest money in it to the extent of learning how to better run it and settling for nothing less than top quality information)
  • Profile picture of the author Danielle_B
    Being a professional beach bum chick in the summers, this article actually helped me understand IM'ing in a new way that I could actually relate to. Thanks for the great read and ideas.

  • Profile picture of the author nebuer
    Great article Chris. I can relate a lot to it.
  • Profile picture of the author RenaissanceMan
    great post - thanks chris!
  • Profile picture of the author Matt Hoey
    I ask myself everyday "So what can i, should i or do i do next?" I try to understand so many angles, how i can succeed, right down to the little things. I think i do make progress, but sometimes it just feels like i'm paddling around recklessly without any sort of direction.

    Everyday i have one of these moments where i wonder will my work pay off, because i want it to so much. But that's the key word isn't it, direction, probably the most important word in IM come tot hink of it.

    You can apply so many techniques but without direction it's very hard. Looking at my work, i think it has direction, although i second guess myself constantly.

    Either way i'll make it. I'll just point my board at the waves, watch others and eventually i'll catch a wave i can ride.

    Thanks Chris.
  • Profile picture of the author write-stuff
    Excellent. What a great analogy. Well-crafted and it works.
  • Profile picture of the author Dmitry
    Awesome! I believe in letting things happen naturally. Probably the hardest part is to stop trying to force things and just let the wave take you...
  • Profile picture of the author Andy Hart
    REALLY great post chris (5 star vote as i think more people should read this)
    • Profile picture of the author naruq
      Adrew that was a funny post. I think if I tried to surf the waves on the water, the water would wash me away.
  • Profile picture of the author James Schramko
    Reminds me about when I was learning 'boogie boarding'. I would catch a huge wave all the way to the shore and the wrestle with whitewash to get back to the next one. The experienced dudes just roll over and depart the wave before the wash zone.

    They were able to catch about four waves to my one. I asked one guy - "when do you get off the wave" and he said "before it is too late".

    So the point was really about timing. Once you get a feel for the timing - and experience comes from 'doing', you can be very effective.
    • Profile picture of the author webwyn
      Nice read Chris. I guess the approach to so many things in our lives can be drawn from the approach to surfing, and I believe IM is certainly one of those areas.

      I'm just typing some thoughts that may also apply as an outlook, or just some mellow ramblings.

      A lot of people starting surfing seem to think they are conquering nature instead of that they are more a part of nature allowing them to share a unique experience in riding each wave.

      Another part of surfing being the friendships that may be formed, although each persons experiences and outlooks are different, the common bond is the water.

      Also perhaps need to be aware of 'locals', show respect for the order of those before you. If someone 'drops in', try to get around it and improve your chances next time around.

      As for me, I am enjoying the rewards of the ride but wouldn't mind an epic "Big Wednesday" or two.

      I feel like I could take this in so many directions, as perhaps you did too, but enough for now.

      I also think that those who sail can draw from the same experiences.
  • Profile picture of the author grumpyjacksa
    veeeery true.

    especially that part about being smashed onto the beach. and no, don't ask me how i know it......
  • Profile picture of the author ~Davor Debrecin~
    Awesome post!

    Don't you just love analogies?

    I don't surf, but I am a passionate DJ and electronic music producer and I that has taught me more about marketing than anything else.

    As a DJ, the most important thing is to "read the crowd" and play music that THEY want, that makes THEM have the best night out - not YOU.

    I have had gigs where I'd show up thinking that the people will mostly enjoy house music. But the DJ before me has been playing some pop music and the people were dancing, cheering and enjoying the music being played to the fullest.

    And just imagine what would be the effect if I didn't change my repertoire and switch to also playing pop? They would probably boo me out of the venue.

    In stead, I continued playing pop music with my own personal and different music selection and the crowd loved me for it.

    That's the same in marketing, online or offline.

    For example, if you have an email list, you should always remember what you have promised them on your optin page, what was the main reason they opted in?

    Was it because they wanted to know more about a certain traffic strategy? Or Adsense? Or Facebook?

    Look at what they are doing and segment them and give them EXACTLY what they want or need.

    It's not about you, it's about them.

    Again, great post, loved it.

    Take care,

  • Profile picture of the author hometutor
    Eh, Brah

    You just take da biz and use da language ah da laid back North Shore boyz

    Mahalo cuz


  • Profile picture of the author missenergy
    I have to tell you this was one of the best threads I had read in a long time. You are absolutely correct, you just can't jump on any wave and expect not to wipe-out. Good luck and watch for that killer wave.
  • Profile picture of the author Andyhenry
    That's a sweet piece of education and told very well.

    Our brains love stories and metaphor

    I don't mind great threads like this getting resurrected.

  • Profile picture of the author LetsGoViral
    So you are basically talking about internet trends?

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