The best orange in the world. This post just might help you finish your project.

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Hi All,

By the end of this post you can share what helps you in times of distress with your Internet Marketing.

I learned a long time ago that orange juice gives me a special lift.

You see, I was on my way to give a presentation before about 100 people and I was nervous, tired and unconfident in myself.

Just to kill some time and distract myself for a few minutes before show time I stopped at a little neighborhood market and looked for something to buy. I really had nothing in mind so I went to the cold case and I noticed a bottle of orange juice.

I bought the juice and drank it before I got to my destination and proceeded to give one of the best presentations I had ever given.

Now whenever I need a lift and most certainly before a presentation I always drink some orange juice.

Cut to today. I’m working on one of my latest projects; one that is far overdue to be finished and I start to feel shaky and nervous about this project.

You guessed it, time for orange juice.

I went out to my orange tree and started poking at the oranges with my home made orange picker, (a rake handle with a bent nail on the end) and purposely skirted around the little orange that I had been ignoring for weeks. It’s too little to be any good or so I thought.

After dislodging about 10 oranges from their former home I accidentally bumped the little orange and it fell to the ground.

What the heck, it’s down already I might as well add it to the orange juice I was about to squeeze.

For some reason I picked it up first and cut it open. Inside it was the most beautiful color of orange you can imagine and the miniature sections inside were truely art work.

I squeezed it all by itself into a juice glass. It only produced about an ounce of juice. I drank it and tasted the best orange juice I have ever tasted in my whole life.

So why did I write this post. To give a lesson in “Good things come in small packages?” No.

I wrote this first of all because that orange deserves to be immortalized and what better place than a forum that has been around for years and probably will be around for years more to place that orange in a frozen place of history.

Secondly I wrote it to mention that when I need a boost or a lift or a nerve calmer I’ve found that Oranges help me a lot and to find out from you other Warriors, what gets your juices (pun intended) flowing when you become brain dead, nervous or otherwise incapacitated and just HAVE to finish your IM project? Sleep doesn’t count. This is for REAL Warriors and Real Warriors never sleep until the job is done. (OK I’m getting carried away here, sleep is good).

Back to work now,
George Wright
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    Your story near the end brought tears to my eyes LOL. I use Pepsi cola works every time.
    • Profile picture of the author KellyG
      Hi George,

      Thanks for your post. I agree with your sentiments about the orange. I especally liked your story about juicing the little orange. I got a juicer as a gift a few months ago and fix fresh OJ practically every morning now. Your post will help me keep it in mind for other times of the day as well now - not just for breakfast anymore

      Thanks for sharing.


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