What's a good place to start for fundamentals?

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Hi guys,

My name is Benedict and I'm totally new to this forum and internet marketing in general. What are some good books/products to look at for good, solid, FUNDAMENTALS?

"80% of your results will come from 20% of your fundamentals."
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    Welcome Benedict, take a look here > The Condensed Book Of Twenty Years Of Business Experience and you will find the answer you seek,
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      Internet Marketing Center. It is the way to go for newbies.
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      Just read all these posts in here for the first 2-3 weeks. There's a search function up there that you can use to narrow things down, and there's another subforum that gives away free e-books

      Month Two: Decide if you really want to buy a bunch of shit when this forum is free!

      DISCLAIMER: Sorry to you guys selling stuff!

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    Hi Benedict,

    The main basics you need are:

    1 - Creating a business plan before you jump in to the details of different tactics.

    2 - Building your initial business based on your core strengths.

    3 - A realistic expectation of where the money will come from and how you intend to use it.

    4 - Positive cashflow - watch this VERY carefully, many people spend more than they're making and don't even realise this is a problem.

    5 - Priorities - Don't ignore your family to do IM and don't make it all about the money. The whole point of having IM as a great strategy to build a business on is that it allows you to do it from anywhere, spend more time with your family while making money doing what you enjoy - and also allowing you to make a great living.

    If you get your priorities the wrong way around you can screw up everything, so before you get into the technical details of how and where to spend your time, attention and money - Be sure you have a plan that gets you where you want rather than just move you away from what you don't want.


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