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Hello everyone,

I have an idea for a blog. Do any of your warriors think it would be worth my time or even profitable having a sex blog. This blog will talk about sex techniques and ways to improve lovemaking.

My also question would be if this niche would be a good one how should I monetize it? Should I advertise just ONE specific product on clickbank or more than one. Or should I not even go the clickbank route at all?


Is a sex technique blog profitable and if so, how should I monetize it?

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    There is tons of way to monetize it..
    Yes you can do clickbank.. Ever think of using a dating offers to monetize your site?
    If you provide Great Content, I bet it will be profitable.. SInce 80 something % of searches is going toward porn.. ( I might be wrong, but the number is huge.. I read it somewhere)
    Find some other cpa offer that related. (Enhancement Pills,etc)
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      Somehow, I never thought of enhancment pills or anything of that nature. Thanks
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      Every search returns porn for a reason, lol. I definitely think if you go about it right you could make some good money. Especially since its not going to be one of "those" porn sites that gives you spyware, etc.
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    It isn't going to be a blog about porn or have porn pictures up. It will just be a blog about how to perform in the bedroom.

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