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Hi everyone,

I have been lurking on WF over a year and I'm finally ready to take action. I am getting ready to make my first blog and I'm having a problem deciding on a name. My blog is going to be about making extra money to help pay off student loans and home improvement projects. This will be my main blog. I was thinking about just coming up with a name that doesn't have any of my keywords in it. Do I need to have my keywords in my domain name? Also, my keywords are kind of long so it seems impossible. I'm still learning so everyone please try to be patient with me.
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    I can't wait to hear the suggestions. I don't think you necessarily need keywords in the domain...but I don't know anything so....

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Student Cash Cow...
    Before it was very important tohave KW in your domain.. But the game have change a lil bit now.However I do think that SE still give some high score for kw in domain names..

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