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I'm a newbie here on the site and to IM. I joined about 2 weeks ago. In everything I have read, I saw a recommendation about finding a mentor or coach to help you get started. I want to know where I can find a coach or mentor if I am serious about being successful in this business. Should I find someone here on this site? Should I pursue a specific group that has coaches and mentors? Or should I just keep reading the advice of the people here and go at it myself? I feel like I may be able to do it myself by going following the advice of a few ebooks I've read. I am considering going into this with Article Marketing. I have read the Bum Marketing Method, The 22 Step Plan to Making Money Online, and the Newbie Blueprint. I also read Yanik Silver's book Moonlighting on the Internet. So should I find a coach/mentor to get started, and if so, where should I find that person? I am learning a lot here on this forum, and I look forward to hearing what you have to say!
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    Hi, I would recommend you start reading the forum and get your hands dirty by testing some methods out.

    I feel it is when you have a product and you want to move to the next level, this will be the time a mentor comes in. So at least you can tell him specifically what you expect out of the mentorship.

    This is just my opinion. Hope it helps.

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      It's not a bad idea to get up to speed learning the basics before approaching a mentor. But the one benefit a mentor can add is feedback. You can't get that with any ebook or course.

      It all depends on how serious you are, and where your goals lie.


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      I never recommend anyone to start on a forum, there is just too much to swallow.
      You will end up getting nothing but information overload..
      Will make u stuck and dont know where to start.. Its really is very dangerous.

      Better pay for some product... mm to start up.. try Wealth Affiliate, Earn 1k a day, or Andrew Lock X Factor Affiliate...

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