Stomping The Search Engines 2 - Anyone Know Who Wrote The Copy?

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Great offer(s) and great copy. Anyone know who their copywriter was? Themselves?
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    I agree Lance ... really well done.

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      Lance and Jason,

      Thanks for the compliment on the copy! Made my day. :-)

      This was a fun project because I actually wrote most of the headlines and main positioning copy for everything other than the home page sales letter, i.e., the script for video #1, both of the upsells (or three if you count the DVD companion to The Net Effect itself). Actually, this was a copy change, itself.

      Originally, the DVD companion was going to be an upsell, but I thought it would be better to make it an "option" rather than an "upsell." My hunch was that this would improve conversion on the both the DVD option (because it's really part of the core offer) AND the upsells, because there are 2 instead if 3, if nothing else.

      We're not releasing all the numbers (yet), but if Warriors keep it close to the vest, I'll tell you that almost 70% are signing up for the DVD. I don't think it would be that high if it was "upsell #1."

      BTW, the DVD is going to be great -- Andy spent a ton of time putting the first one together, so if you see it, I'm sure you'll agree it's worth a bunch more than 20 bucks.

      A lot of the copy and bullets were done by a great writer in our office named Colin. I won't say his last name b/c I want to make it harder for anybody to steal him :-)

      But this was more actual sales copy than I've written in quite awhile, so glad you liked it!

      Brad Fallon
      StomperNet Co-Founder
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    There was copy? I just saw a "checkout" link under the video and clicked it... very well placed lol. I also checked off that DVD box - for $20 a month, you made the decision for me.

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