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Hey all,

I have used 1and1 for lots of domain registrations ($6.99/year for .com's is a great price). They are offering free .biz registrations for the 1st year, and my question is why. I've always registered .com or .net domain names, so I have no experience with other extensions. Can someone knowledgeable explain what the problem is with .biz that it is perceived to be of such lower value?

For my purposes, I'm about to register 30 new domain names. I'm going to be using them to test a pure article marketing traffic generation scheme. I really don't care what the domains end in (.biz is just as good as .com for this test, as far as I know). Before I pull the trigger, can someone explain any downsides to using .biz if my intent is to drive traffic to these sites only from article directories (and of course any SERPs those pages achieve and other sites using the articles with links intact). I'm not going to worry at all about SEO (on-page or off-page) for these 30 sites. Hope what I'm asking is clear.

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