Do All You Marketers Experience This?

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I love affiliate marketing. I can't help but notice that everything I do and use turns into a business idea.

I go buy a toy and I'm thinking to myself to look on the shelf to see if there are any cool new toys to sell!

I am planning on learning Italian for a trip I want to take this year and I think to myself "ohhh Ill buy a program that will teach me and then Ill also become an affiliate and sell it!"

Heres the worst one. I'm half korean and its hard to find good korean food where I live. A new one recently opened up and my best friend went there to eat. The food was AWESOME and I seriously for a split second thought to myself "I wonder if they have a referral program!" lol.

It's pretty awesome that you can turn almost ANY hobby or passion or product you use into income. It's got me thinking "what hobby or thing do i want to do next"
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    It's a good habit to get into. Well, maybe not to that extent LOL!

    If only there was a ...

    It would great if someone produced a...

    I've been looking for a [WHATEVER] but I couldn't find it...

    Keeping your eyes and ears open is a good way to find business ideas.


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      I'm totally the same way. In the physical world it works a little different though. You can still leverage your referrals, you just work for different results.

      A good book you should check out is Bob Burg's Endless Referrals.
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    I'm right there with you, Jake.

    I'm always thinking "leverage, leverage, leverage" ....
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      Haha and I thought I was the only one who was thinking that much
      I got 3 or 4 idea's each and everyday... But when I come home and research it, it most time sucks ...
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    Hey Jake,

    Yeah pretty much everyday I look at something and think man how can I take what these people are doing, and make it way easier and efficient to do, via the internet? I never stop thinking of how I can take an offline business and make it an online venture.

    Also everytime I buy something and I am totally satisfied with my purchase, I always think if I could sell it via referral programs etc.

    So you not alone bud haha

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