[CLOSED- We have a Winner!] 1,000th Post! CONTEST: FREE Minisite Design...

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...Don't Panic Just Yet, I won't design it so don't worry.

Now If you didn't see Jeremy's Post: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...got-owned.html

Go see it so you can get an Idea.

He decided to give me a Minisite Package Along With a Matching Wordpress Theme.

Since I really don't need it, He has given me permission to pass along my gift to some one else.

So if you missed it, here's your chance once again.

Here's what you'll get: (If you still don't know)

  • 1 header & footer
  • 1 ecover in 3 sizes plus a flat cover
  • 1 each order/join button
  • 1 bullet point
  • 1 matching wordpress theme
  • basic html page


Here it goes: :p

Whoever can come up with the best name for a new product in the "Portable Toilet Business", and how one can make a killing placing ads on the inside of the doors, will win the minisite package.

  • Jeremy Gatica
  • Jose Delgado (Moi)


  • Be creative
  • Be unique
  • Have fun! :p


WILL be announced sometime tomorrow or in 2 days.

Thanks Jeremy for this awesome opportunity!

This is to celebrate Jeremy's Birthday and My 1,000th Post!

See ya!

Good Luck!


One more thing, to win, you also have to tell me how handsome I look on my new avatar. (Even if you are a Man.)

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