So what is Internet Marketing? – I’m looking for a definition

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A friend’s son wants to get in on this IM thing. He approached me for some advice and I’m helping him as much as I can.
He’s got the opportunity to get a grant from an organisation to help him start up in business. It will only be a few hundred £s, but it’ll be a great start for him.

In order to get the grant he’s got to provide this organisation with a business plan. This is where I come in as business advice is my background. But when it came to the very basic issue of describing his business, he got stuck. He couldn’t effectively describe what IM is. Now, I don’t DO business plans for people, I guide them through the process, so I wasn’t just going to give him an answer, I wanted him to figure it out for himself. He’s gone away to do that.

But it got me thinking; if you had to define Internet Marketing to an offline guy, probably a dyed-in-the-wool, straight-laced, computer-illiterate, bank manager, how would you do it?

I've got a few ideas of my own, but I didn't want to steer your answers in any way.

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    "Internet Marketing" doesn't really mean anything by itself... other than "marketing on the Internet".

    What's his actual business model?
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      Internet marketing is the marketing, advertising and promotion of a business, any business, using the Internet.
      Originally Posted by Kyle Tully View Post

      "Internet Marketing" doesn't really mean anything by itself... other than "marketing on the Internet".

      What's his actual business model?
      The definition will vary per business model and for a business plan you will adapt your definition to suit the business model in question.

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    IM describes the process of giving exposure to your enterprise/service in the internet to virtually several hundred millions of people.

    Therefor IM will let you brand your enterprise very fast for a relatively small amount of money.
    You can get contacts very easily and fast.

    Hope you can rephrase this in good english
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    Hello Peter

    Internet Marketing has come to mean two things and therein lies confusion.

    The one we all know and love is

    - products and services for making money on the Internet

    ...and all the s*** that goes with it.

    I'm not sure a 'suit' would like to hear that though.

    So a more generic response would be better.

    Internet Marketing is simply marketing on the Internet. No big deal. Marketing and selling products and services online, whatever they may be.



    EDIT - Kyle beat me to it - I think the distinction is a worthwhile point though!
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      Here's what I'd tell the kid.....after I slapped him upside his head.....several times....just to get his attention.

      The very fact Internet Marketing needs a definition is the main reason why most people will fail and fail miserably at it.

      At what point did we turn IM into something so sexy that people forget you still have to sell something?

      Cuz what you sell---your product/service...... IS YOUR BUSINESS......NOT THE COMPUTER YOU USE TO SELL IT!



      INTERNET MARKETING.... it's just a catch phrase.....that describes a medium...but it aint the business you in..capiche?

      If you sell widgets by way of the're in the widget business..not the IM business...and people better figure out the difference before they even bother starting.

      What is he selling???? And if he doesn't know....he doesn't need a business plan...cuz he has no business. Period.

      A business...and/or a business plan...that lacks a product or service to sell for profit....aint either.

      So to answer the op's question requires me to know if the kid has something to sell. What ever that the business he's in...the rest of just the means to get out the message. Simple.

      A business plan that describes no business...isn't a's a waste of time.

      xxx Vegas Vince

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