How to make my 1st squidoo lens?

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just logged onto & trying to make a 1st lens & i dont where to start, they seem so lenthy? like they needs loads of content?

is this tons of ours of work? & does this help promote a website?
any advice please?
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    Yes it does, linking from your lens to your site.. could help you boost some ranking.. And you do have to put tons of quality content in there.. or your lens will suffer and your effort that you put into building your lens will be worthless.
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      ok thanks for that but with the content is this ongoing? should i be working on this for about whole day just adding lots of content? & how many lens should i submit daily? or because of the content level 2-5 a week? is this ok
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    Once you get used to it building a Squidoo lens is the easiest thing to do. You just decide what "modules" you want to have then decide what order you want them to be. The only real work is when you type content for your text. The other modules are quiet easy. You can finish one from scratch in less than two hours.

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