The attitude of success

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After you become wildly successful, does it change your attitude and the way you do business?

Many years ago, Bill Gates said something to the effect that success feeds on itself - successful people become more successful because they think that they can't lose so they take bigger risks.

Now mind you, I certainly am nowhere near to being able to personally test this idea.

You've no doubt heard that "....The rich get richer and the poor get poorer....". Maybe the rich get richer because they're less afraid to try because of past success? Or do they just feel that they have less to lose if something goes south?

So does success after success change you as Mr. Gates suggests? Just wondering.....

- Darrell
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    I think a lot of it has to do with successful people having more assets to leverage. If you look at internet marketing as an example, the successful guy with a list can make a lot more money when he launches a new product than the new guy just starting out. If you want to look at Bill Gates, I wouldn't necessarily accuse Microsoft of taking risks. However, they have a reputation and huge market share to leverage with each product launch. I think that more than anything has to do with the successful becoming more successful.
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      I agree with giveusallfreedom. But also would like to add the saying "99% of success is just showing up."

      I think people who are successful show up and keep showing up and that makes all the difference.

      Too many people simply don't take action. And the ones who are taking action, but are failing will likely turn out to be great successes if they're persistent.

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    As far as taking a risk for something, I think so. When you get to that type of stature you feel more confident in yourself, and when it comes to financial circumstances it's not as effective to the pocket as before.

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