000webhost: Is it an option?

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I dumped startlogic and one of my friends recommends 000webhost. To my surprise, it is free and it IS even better than paid services like startlogic. I tried sending email via php and it worked, while this took more than a week and startlogic support team still did not figure out what to do.

Anyone using their hosting service? How do you feel? I am concerned about the uptime, and a little bit worried as how they make money with showing ads in user's sites?
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    Nobody uses it here?
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      They don't show any ads and the up time is better than the paid hosting I use to have.

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      Originally Posted by yaji View Post

      Nobody uses it here?
      I don't use it, but by the thousands of referrer spam pages that attempt to link to my sites from it, I think it qualifies as a "bad neighborhood"

      I've seen nothing but "pharma" and "casinos" hosted on it.

      Since they are also free, you will have extra links added to you site and pages, whether you want them or not.

      There are better options, don't risk it.
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    Free hosting is always attractive to many. Clearly there is a motive behind their free hosting offer.
    I have registered to use their service to try out myself. Within a day after I have uploaded my test site, they conducted frequent routine checks on what they claimed as their servers but then my site is not accessible during the checking period.
    While the cpanel is there, most of the time, they put a permanent file there and I was not able to access the file-manager to manage my uploaded files...only through FTP that I was able to.
    Then, there's their soft-sell on upgrading to their paid services.

    If you are serious and has long term goals for your online presence and business, certainly free hosting is not the answer.

    Yes, there are many webhost out there with some very well known and established ones. While technical support is important, it is vital to have a well maintained high quality backbone infrastructure that support the equally high quality datacenters and fast, high-capacity servers to ensure optimal performance, reliability and availability at all times. With constant monitoring and maintenance of its hardwares, downtime or disruption are kept to its minimum.

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    it depends... i have a lot of friends who dont have anything to pay for hosting so they go with 000webhost and they never had problems... but again there's reasons why its free..
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    I also started using it for test sites, then went live with a few - never had a problem either. Referred others to them too - without problem.

    No Ads - no worries.

    Guess it's a case of "You (DON'T) pay your money - You take your chance!"
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    I started out using them as a temporary test place and then would move domains over to paid services. Initially I thought they were ok. Then I noticed problems with too much downtime, difficult to contact them and if your page does not get a certain level of traffic, they will just decide to disable it.

    To be honest, I would not use them again. 'Free' even for test or temporary sites is just not worth it to me.

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