"Can't Read the Captcha Code? Try This"

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"Ok, we've all had to fill in a captcha code to open this or that only to find you can't read the damned thing". You refresh and still can't read it again and again. That's ridiculous in itself but here is a solution to many of them.

Take my picture over there on the left, left click on the mouse, hold it down and drag it around the page. Most captcha pages will allow you to do this.

Drag the captcha code over darker or lighter graphics on the page and you can then read it. The code is transparent, but when highlighted against a dark or light section of the page the code is much easier to read, by about 2x.

Take the "Warrier Forum" black logo at the top of this page, left click and hold, then drag it over the thick red or black line above for another example. We can read that logo just fine, but highlighting a captcha code by doing this same thing helps a lot.

It works, try it next time on those incredibly light captcha codes.

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  • Profile picture of the author kempos
    I hate those blood captcha things

    With some websites I just can't make out what is there.

    Thanks for the tips.
  • Profile picture of the author mkuba
    Thanks for the info thomas
  • Profile picture of the author MrsAuspicious
    Great post! I sat last night for 10 minutes trying to read one of those things. I'd refresh and I swear it would be worse than the previous image! I keep thinking there has to be a better way than to have to use those things! I clicked the help for one of them the other day and it went to a recording that sounded like something out of a horror film!
  • Profile picture of the author Cynthia A.
    Does that only work in IE? I'm using Firefox & I get the "no go" symbol when I try to drag your photo or the WF logo at the top.
  • Profile picture of the author melanied
    The worst captchas were the ones that Rapidshare used to have - with all the cats. Those were impossible to read!
  • Profile picture of the author joan007
    That's a good tip Ed. Those captcha's do become frustrating at times especially when they run the letters I, L, J, & T together next to other letters, so you can't tell them apart.
  • Profile picture of the author OSContent
    Thanks for the great tip. I'm sure I'll appreciate next time I fill in a captcha and don't have to fail 3-5 times to get a readable sequence of numbers and letters.

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