Uploading Around 100 Decent Videos On Youtube

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How well do you think 100 decent videos with good quality on youtube would convert compared to 100 articles on ezine.

What are you thoughts, i currently have just uploaded 13 videos on youtube and have almost 13 on ezine.

Ezine is doing alright. Over all around 30% CT. The 2 top articles just under 50% CT.

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    Video is a great way of getting clicks and also if you can link to your videos from your articles etc. Then you will get good ranking. I posted 1 video to youtube and 30 minutes later i was on page 1 of google. Pretty impressive.
    With 100 videos you will do great providing they are quality and create value.
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      I recommend you go ahead and do it...

      The problem with Youtube videos is that the links to your site are not going to be clickable... at least in the video.

      use annotations feauture on youtube though...

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