Stupid Aweber idea? I thought it was a good one...But Aweber doesn't agree

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I wanted a way to let a VA add auto responder messages to my account without having total access. Aweber doesn't agree. The only option is to give my VA total access then change the password when they are done.

I'm sure Aweber could make an account where the VA can sign in, edit the sequence, but not send. Besides, if my VA did something like that they woudl be toast anyway.

How do you handle this?


> It would be great if we could have a way to let a "guest editor" or
> virtual assistant configure one of the lists but not have access to
> account information or other lists. A seperate login for them for example.
> Many times marketers want someone else, often someone unknown to them, to
> edit the autoresponder series. I think this would be a great addition
> unless there is already a way to do this.

This is not something we would be able to do. We do not want to
encourage, for instance, having people other than the owner of a
list sending to them.
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    If you don't completely trust your VA, then don't do it. There's a difference between empowering others and throwing them the keys to your business.

    If it were me, I'd use a program like WinAutomation to automatically pull text files from my computer and add them to my Aweber messages. That way you won't have give your account info to anyone you don't trust, and you won't have to pay them either
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      I don't follow their answer. Anyone who gets access to your account could send emails on your behalf, since they would have the same power you do.

      How would a lmited access account make it any more likely for someone to put unauthorized messages in your account?

      I wonder if they give all their employees full access to everything.
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    I also suggested something to aweber.
    I wanted to be able to customize the "CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION" text in the confirmation email, as it looks kind of cheap to customers of a business in another country.

    But they replied with "you can already customise most of that message" and something similar.

    They where polite and proffessional though, and I still like them =)

    I just thought of this, when I sat up and teached a business owner how to use aweber.
    And after all, it will eventually make them more money in the end, as it wouldn't be a reason not to choose them.

    And I totally agree with your suggestion. It can be nice to give other people limited access to your aweber account for customisation and set-up, as well as it will be great if you're working on internet marketing for an offline firm.

    You should also be able to choose which options are allowed for that spesific limited account. (e.g. Sending emails or not)
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      Yes I agree it would be great if we could give limited access to our Aweber accounts. I've been wanting to be able to give limited access to a VA also.

      I think Google Adwords has this function as well.

      There are other autoresponder companies out there and with better services than Aweber. But they tend to cost quite a bit more.


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