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Hi folks,

Where is the best place to host a 30 minute camtasia video for free, whilst maintaining the quality in full-screen mode?

Thanks in advance!

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  • Profile picture of the author mojoisland has worked well for me.

    Good Luck!
    • Profile picture of the author LonNaylor
      Yes, works well...


      Try hosting it on Amazon S3.

      Upload all the Camtasia production files. Get the Firefox S3 Organizer tool to do this.

      Call the HTML file Camtasia produced and use an IFRAME (resized to be big enough to display the video and it's controls) on the page you want the video to appear to display it.

      Fast, reliable, and dirt cheap!
  • Profile picture of the author Leigh Burke
    Hi Lon,

    I signed up for Amazon S3. Which 3rd part app do you use to upload videos to the service etc? I am looking at



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