The *Ultimate* Traffic Blueprint To Follow and Implement - anyone know of one?

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Does anyone know of a traffic blueprint that is really comprehensive, and lays out the steps to take day by day?

I once saw a 30-90 day blueprint that was would have for sure caused an avalanche of traffic after the 90 day period. (can't find that blueprint on my pc anymore.)

I'm sick and tired of not doing things by the book and only getting trickles (some of my sites get 20,000+ visitors month-non IM)... yeah, anyone know of a really huge comprehsive traffic blueprint/system that one can follow over time?

Thanks all,
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    Adeel, in my opinion, Nitro Marketing Blueprint is the most comprehensive
    one out there.

    I'm sure others will have their favorites but that one gets my vote.
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    I've ordered Nitro buleprint and will post after my 90 day process. I'm quite excited about it!

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      I've never bought a course to teach me just traffic generation techniques, but if I were, John Reese's "Traffic Secrets" course is the one that comes to mind.

      If I remember correctly, v. 1.0 was priced at around $997 and now v. 2.0 is priced at about half of that (around $497, I think). Given Reese's reputation and all of the big names that have recommended him in the past, I'd think that v. 2.0 is just as high quality as v. 1.0. Right? Anyone???

      I DO wonder why there's been such a drastic price drop, though. I'd hope that it's not because the program is any less comprehensive. Maybe it's just in response to the market? Maybe the market wouldn't pay $997 and he got more sales at $497?

      Personally, I think $497 is MUCH more reasonable than $997. I just can't see paying $997 for (nearly) any IM course out there. (Of course, there ARE exceptions to this, as there are to every rule. I paid $1500 for an IM course back in early 2008, but that was rare for me.)

      I'd still like to buy a traffic generation course eventually. It's not a priority for me right at this moment, but when I DO get the urge to do it, I'd like a good recommendation.

      I still lean towards John Reese's "Traffic Secrets." Is there any reason why you wouldn't buy it or choose another course instead? (I already have about 3 comprehensive IM courses. I'm looking for a traffic generation-specific course, which is why I wouldn't buy the NitroMarketing course.)

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    StomperNet is really good! Andy and Brad were giving it away last year as a promotion. I don't know of any other really good ones except the videos at Traffic Geyser
    Membership is a buck for the first month... worth a look-see

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