How important is email in your marketing?

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Hey guys,

We've hear it like a broken record: the money is in the list..

But how many of you rely solely on email for your income?

How important is email in your overall marketing strategy?
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    i can say that it is like the pumping of the heart to the body.

    for every email blast, it is like every heartbeat bringing more blood around the body. the blood is like the money into your bank account.


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    Email marketing only works if its requested
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    I don't rely on it solely, but it's critical to my business. About 3/5 of my revenue comes from my email promotions.

    I just recently made $15,427.65 in one weekend from a list of 2,832. Sweet! I was more proud of that then the more successful promotions I've run to my bigger lists.

    The money really is in the list - but only if you know what you're doing.
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      e-Mail lists are crucial when launching NEW products - the conversion rates can go past 10% and this is a difference between making hundreds or thousands:-)
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      Ron, sounds like you're having some amazing success with such a small list. Is it a 'make money' niche?

      What would you say is the contributing factor of having a list that is so responsive?

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