Anyone that can do some rewrites?

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I have an ebook that I want to give out for free.
But I´m thinking of maybe including links to some affiliate products that ties into the ebooks subject matter.

So I need help from someone that can analyze my ebook, insert some more text here and there (a rewrite) that flows naturally from the content of the ebook and then gives the reader a reccomendation (review) to buy affiliate products.
Does this sound like a good plan?
Could someone outsource this for me?

#internet marketing #rewrites
  • Profile picture of the author Amino Zawawi
    Definitely a good plan Challe. Affiliate products in e-books are one of the most genius ways, since people rarely notice when clicking via their PDF. You'd be doing them a favor by introducing them to good products/services and earning some cash. Check your PM for suggestions.
  • Profile picture of the author Tirmizi
    well I could have my guy go through that ... however, depends on the nature of the rewrite and lenght of the book and work involved > this could be done for free or could involve some $$$ so send in the book for review and I'll see what we could do ...



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